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Rapid Prototype Assembly

At Ultra Electronics, CEMS we understand the challenges in bringing new products to market.

With many years' experience of new product development and manufacturing new products, CEMS staff are focused on making the complex journey from initial customer concept to a saleable finished product as swift and cost effective as possible for its customers.

Providing rapid prototype assembly services and with a quick-response supply chain, CEMS can get new hardware revisions onto the design engineer's bench for testing in the minimum of time. With rapid prototype assembly being one of a wider range of procurement and manufacturing services for regular production, CEMS is able to support its customers through the entire project.

CEMS offers the following services:

  • Rapid Prototype Assembly Services
  • On-going production
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Test strategy development and engineering
  • Design services using CEMS in-house and Ultra Synergy engineering resources
  • Documentation review

Rapid Prototype Assembly Services

Our dedicated prototype surface mount production line is configured for rapid production of small batches. Whether a complex SMT or conventional leaded technology PCB or a boxed system Ultra can, subject to material availability and capacity, produce between 1 off and 5 off in only a day or two, with larger batches taking up to 5 days from receipt of material. To aid material procurement over very tight timescales we encourage our clients to 'grow' bills of materials with us such that we can start procuring long lead items at the earliest opportunity.

On-going Production and NPI

The Weymouth facility offers an extensive range of on-going production services, using state-of-the-art capital equipment operated by experienced staff within an environment of control. Weymouth operates an integral NPI process aimed at achieving a stable and unambiguous build specification at the earliest opportunity during the fulfilment of initial production orders.

Supply Chain Development

CEMS recognise the changing demands on the supply chain as a product emerges from design and moves through prototype, pre-production, pilot production and full production phases. Experienced CEMS buyers, a significant overall purchasing spend and a wide range of established suppliers allow the structuring of the supply chain for each individual product according to its maturity and customer requirements.

Engineering Support Services

Engineering staff draw on many years' experience of advising customers on the optimisation of their designs for cost effective manufacture and test. Engineering services offered will include:

  • Design for manufacture and test
  • Material selection
  • BGA rework
  • Product modification and repair
  • Value engineering of existing designs

Test Engineering

CEMS offers a broad range of test techniques including flying probe MDA test, digital and analogue in-cct test, programmable function test, high speed MDA & back plane test, JTAG test, manual functional test, AOI quazi-test, Helium leak test and environmental stress screening, including Nitrogen flooding ovens and vibration test.

CEMS test engineering staff also provide a robust production test strategy development service.

Design Services

See CEMS Design Services.

Documentation Review

A common threat to on-time delivery and the cost-of-sales later in the production cycle, the need for early release engineering documentation to reviewed, formalised and cleansed is significant.

  • Obsolescent parts review
  • Generic / vendor or manufacturer specific part-definition
  • Full part-description review
  • Single-sourced key parts review
Rapid Prototype

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