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NADCAP AC7120 Electronics

NADCAP is based on checklists focused on workmanship standards and ensuring blind processes are consistent.

What Ultra Electronics CEMS did to get it

Certification is based upon months of preparation which culminates in a 8/10 man day audit. Standards are also subject to continuous assessment.

NADCAP AC7120 Electronics Certificate

Ultra Electronics CEMS Certification

This certificate expiration is updated based on periodic audits. The current expiration date and scope of accreditation are listed at: - Online QML (Qualified Manufacturer Listing).

In recognition of the successful completion of the PRI evaluation process, accreditation is granted to the Weymouth facility to perform the following:

AC7120 Rev A - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Circuit Card Assemblies

  • 01- CAD/CAM
  • 02-lectrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • 03-eceipt, Inspection & Control of Incoming Material
  • 04-torage and Handling of In Process Materials
  • 05A-rogramming: Component Programming (Prior Assembly)
  • 05B-rogramming: Circuit Card Assembly Programming
  • 06-lectronic Component Preparation for Preassembly Process
  • 07-tencil Printing
  • 08A-art Placement: Manual
  • 08B-art Placement: Operator-Assisted
  • 08C-art Placement: Automated Part Placement
  • 08D-art Placement: Build through / Build Short
  • 08E-art Placement: Clinched Component Leads
  • 09A- In-ocess Verification / Inspection: Visual
  • 09B- In-Process Verification / Inspection: AOI
  • 09C- In-ocess Verification / Inspection: X-Ray
  • 10- Bonding
  • 11A-ssembly Soldering Processes: Reflow Soldering
  • 11B-ssembly Soldering Processes: Wave Soldering
  • 11C-ssembly Soldering Processes: Selective Soldering
  • 11D-ssembly Soldering Processes: Hand Soldering
  • 12A-econdary Assembly: Mechanical Part Installation
  • 12B-econdary Assembly: Wire Cutting & Stripping
  • 12C-econdary Assembly: Jumper Wire Installation
  • 12D- Secondary Assembly: Stranded Wire Tinning
  • 12E- Secondary Assembly: Compliant Pin (Press Fit) Connector Installation
  • 13- Cleanliness
  • 14- Coating and Encapsulation
  • 15A- Final Tests: Environmental Stress Screening
  • 15B- Final Tests: Bed of Nails Testing
  • 15C- Final Tests: Flying Probe Testing
  • 15D- Final Tests: Boundary Scan Testing
  • 15E- Final Tests: Manual Testing
  • 15F- Final Tests: Functional Testing
  • 16- Final Inspection
  • 17- Rework
  • 18- Storage, Handling & Packaging of Finished Goods
Quality Assurance Workmanship Standards ISO 9001:2008 Nadcap SBC 21

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