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Microelectronics Design

Ultra Electronics, CEMS offers a comprehensive array of contract design and design verification services.

Servicing the medical, aerospace, defence, naval, space, nuclear, instrumentation, automotive and oil industries, the design team has accumulated a broad range of expertise and experience, amplifying their contribution to engineering projects and so shortening time to market for new products.


  • Electronic circuit design, to customer functional specification
  • Miniaturisation; converting PCB assemblies to hybrids / chip-on-board
  • Pre-production design verification of build-to-print requirements
  • Secure communications design
  • PCB layout
  • Production test box design and fabrication
  • Feasibility study
  • Project management
  • Software authoring; both embedded firmware and application software

Design engineering scope:

  • Electronics - digital/analogue/RF circuit design
  • Micro-electronics - Hybrid/chip-on-board/optical design
  • Mechanical - mechanism/enclosure/actuator design
  • Cryptographic - all types, levels and waveforms
  • Optical - Hybrid/lens/laser/detector design
  • Rapid fabrication of prototypes of all the above
Quality Assurance Workmanship Standards ISO 9001:2008 Nadcap SBC 21

Product Miniaturisation in the UK

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