Capabilities Specifications


STANDARD 96% Alumina Thickness: 1 mm, 0.635 mm
POWER Aluminium Nitride Direct-bonded copper ceramic 20 x thermal conductivity Increased current density
Max Print size 150 mm x 100 mm  


Wire Bondable Gold 4-7 mΩ/Square
Solderable Palladium-Silver 20-30 mΩ/Square
Solderable Over Gold Platinum-Gold 50-60 mΩ/Square
Standard Track/Gap 0.010" ++width, 0.010" spacing  
Minimum Track/Gap 0.002" width, 0.001" spacing  
Conductor Layers 6 Each Side  
Through-Printed Holes Gold <20 mΩ Thru-hole
(Double Sided Printing) Palladium, Silver <50 mΩ Thru-hole
Range <1 Ω To >50 MΩ  
<10 Ω +/-0.5 Ω  
10 Ω To 100 Ω +/-0.5%  
100 Ω To 300 KΩ +/-0.3%  
> 300 KΩ +/-0.5%  
Stability 100 Ω to 1 MΩ +/-0.5%
Absolute TCR Standard +/- 100 ppm/°C  
Absolute TCR Special +/- 50 ppm/°C  
Matching Mid-Range Values +/-0.1%
Power Dissipation 50 Watts/Square-Inch Nominal  
Adjust On Test Facility Active trim of circuit function (R or C)  
Close Tolerance Resistors Thin film chip resistors to 0.02% Absolute, 0.01% Matching  


CHIP AND WIRE Transistors, FETs, Diodes Digital and analogue ICs Microprocessors and Memory Thin Film Resistors Inductors, Transformers, Crystals Capacitors, Ceramic, Tantalum or MOS
SOLDER SURFACE-MOUNT All the above mounted as small-outline plastic packs, LCC or PLCC, D-packs (Power Devices) Chip Resistors

Wire Bonding

Gold Thermosonic 0.0007" to 0.002" diameter
Aluminium Ultrasonic 0.0007" to 0.002" diameter
Power Aluminium Ultrasonic 0.005" to 0.025" diameter


Mil Spec Chip & Wire Seam-sealed metal packs
Epoxy-sealed ceramic packs
Mil/Industrial Silicone bond protected, Epoxy coated
Industrial & Commercial Epoxy Coated
Surface-Mount Epoxy Coated
Format Dual-In-Line
Double Sided, Mixed Build
Customised Format (To suit application)

Electrical Test

Prototype Testing Manual test or ATE
Production Testing Bespoke PC controlled ATE system driving crates of dedicated equipment and IEEE controlled test equipment
Functional & Parametric testing at +22°C To customers specifications
Hot & Cold Testing T max and T min as specified, sample or 100%

Environmental Test

100% Group A screening tests

Fine & Gross Leak <5 x 10⟩8 ATT CC/S
Acceleration (steady state) 5000 G
Rapid change of temperature -65 °C To +150 °C, 5 Cycles
Burn-in 160 Hours at +125 °C, Powered
  • Group B screening tests - sample, monthly
  • Group C screening tests - sample, quarterly
  • Group D screening tests - sample, yearly

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